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How to Brand your Business when just Starting Out

By Patrick Sesko

Don’t spend a lot of money on branding when you’re first starting out.

That’s right. I said it. And I’m a branding designer who helps businesses make large, strategic investments in branding.

But it’s different when you’re just starting out. Your short-term goal should be to have a brand that will be a starting point—and it’s probably not the time to invest thousands of dollars because 1) you most likely don’t have the revenue to justify that kind of investment and 2) you don’t necessarily know enough about your business to create a brand/logo that is strategic instead of rushed.

My advice: Stay lean until you get some traction with your business.

With a smart approach to do-it-yourself branding, you can lay a solid foundation that you can evolve from. And today I’m going to tell you how. But first…

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