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Tutorial Series – Easy PDF Annotation

By Patrick Sesko

Make Your Proofing and Editing Process a Breeze!

Here is a tutorial I created of how to make annotations in a PDF file. This is useful for people who manage design projects and prefer not to print a copy of a proof out and hand write edits and either fax back to designer or in some cases, sit on the phone and go over the edits live. I’ve done that before and it is time consuming. This tutorial will teach you how to simply note your edits directly in the PDF and this creates a clear and concise “paper trail” of edits, so there is no question what the edits are, and if they have been made or not. Using this function will save time both for clients and designers.

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Welcome to our new site and blog!

By Patrick Sesko

You are here more than likely because I sent you an email announcing the launch or our new site and blog, or maybe responded to a tweet I sent out or even a Facebook or LinkedIn posting. Either way, we are glad you are here. I am very excited to finally launch our new website and blog. It has been a long time coming. Please take a look throughout the site and let us know if you are having any technical issues. The links are above in the navigation or you can start here

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