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What Does the Embryonic Stage of the Creative Process Look Like?

By Patrick Sesko

sketchbook bingo

Here is another edition of Sketchbook Bingo, where I randomly pick a page out of one of many sketchbooks/journals that I filled over the years.

concept sketch

When I start a project I usually start to doodle/sketch/brainstorm any first ideas that come to mind. When I randomly flipped through one of my books today, I found this sketch (above) for a project I did for National Geographic Channel back in 2005. Seems like an eternity ago.

The sketch reminded me of this project and I dug out the original sketches and concept presentation I created for them and thought it would be perfect to show the creative process for this project in its embryonic stage. Some of the sketches are crude, but that’s okay. They are only meant to convey an idea.

The project was for National Geographic Channel’s Upfront Presentation, which is typically an enormous event where they basically pitch their upcoming programming lineup for the year in an effort to get advertisers to buy in. Its sort of a dog and pony show with elaborate stages, lavish parties, and highly sought after goodie bags. All networks do this in some capacity.

Included were several concepts to create a vehicle to present the upcoming lineup of the Channel. Anything from a high end coffee table book, to custom GPS devices, to “old-world” explorer type of leather attaché cases. Following are the sketches and style frames created for the project from which the final book was based upon. As you can see, the final piece differs from the initial concept stage and there were many steps taken to arrive at the final piece. But this post is intended to depict the early stages of a project, and how much time, thought and effort it sometimes takes to arrive at a successful solution.


Concept pages from presentation.

concept sketches

concept sketches

concept sketches

concept sketches

concept sketches

concept sketches

concept sketches and word mapping

Final style frames

Final Style Frames

Final Style Fames


Final piece Derived from style frames.

Final Piece



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