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“The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes” is a LIE!

By Patrick Sesko


Back when I officially started my company (2005), I needed a website. So, I set up a quick landing page for my company and stated that because I was too busy with my clients’ work, I didn’t have a fully functioning website. I figured visitors would think I was so busy and successful that I didn’t have the time to create a proper website, and they would flock to work with me because I was so busy. You know the saying… “the cobblers children have no shoes”, right? WRONG!

The truth is—not only was I lying to my potential clients—I was lying to myself.

And here’s how I justified why:

  • Building a proper website can be a lot of work. A LOT of work. In hindsight I was overwhelmed with the daunting task. I took the easy way out and set up a brief landing page and lied to myself and to my customers about being too busy to do my own work.
  • I knew that I would have to hire a developer and that would cost money, and frankly didn’t want to make the investment because I was scared. Scared of losing money. Scared of not following through. Scared of failure. How could I expect my clients to invest money in my services if I wasn’t willing to do it for myself. If I wanted my clients to take me—and my business—seriously, then I would have to do the same for my own business.

What is surprising to me is that I still see this lie on company sites today-usually smaller, independent businesses. I can understand the justification we make when we tell this lie, but it can hurt your business. If you are going to make the time to put up a simple landing page, don’t bother telling your visitors that you are too busy to do your own work. They are smarter than that and it can be a huge turn off. It is for me. Instead, list your contact info and a simple paragraph about your services. Maybe link to your social media sites, etc.

It’s been 15 years since I have told that lie. Since then, I have been through a couple of website redesign’s of my own (including very recently) and will never tell that lie again.

Here’s the bottom line: You are running business and you should treat it as such. Make it a priority. Invest in it. And…

Quit lying to yourself and your clients!



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